Welcome to the Dodgerfilms WikiaEdit

Welcome to Dodgerfilms Softball Wikia. Here, we have facts, notes and more interesting things about the Dodgerfilms on-season and off-season softball series.

Off-Season Softball SeriesEdit

Begins in 2015 during the off-season to play softball games with Dodgerfilms watchers.

On-Season Softball SeriesEdit

Begins in 2016 during the 2016 Major League Baseball season to play softball games with new friends and players from the Off-season Softball Series.

Off-Season Softball LeagueEdit

Begins in 2016 during the off-season with more number of teams (increased from 2 to 6 teams) in the league. League structure contains regular season games and a playoff to determine the champion.

On-Season Softball SeriesEdit

Begins in 2017 during the 2017 Major League Baseball season with another expansion (increased from 6 to 8 teams). Follows the same league structure as off-season softball league.

Latest activityEdit

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