Dodgerfilms was started in May 2008 by a Los Angeles Dodgers season ticket holder, Bobby Crosby. He would always sit in the first few rows of the Left Field Pavilion, just above the 375-ft mark in Left Center and film himself catching home runs, then upload game summaries to YouTube. Many people would always ask him if he was the "real" Bobby Crosby, who played SS for the Pittsburgh Pirates, even though they were both born in California in the 80's. He would always respond the resounding "No", and would usually explain.

Over many years, Crosby sat with many friends that he had met during games over the years, such as Dr. Andre, Deep Left, Benny, Moneyball Steve and more. But all the fun and enjoyment would soon come to an end.

On July 4th, 2015, Bobby was told by the Dodgers that he was not allowed to film at any other games from that point on, due to copyright issues concerning the recording of Major League Baseball games. Once that was over, Bobby didn't know what to do with his YouTube Channel, where he posted game summaries from each game and recordings of his success on catching home runs during Batting Practice. He briefly had an idea of Vlogs from the game, but his channel took a big step in November, as he incorporated the "Offseason Softball Series", where he and Benny, whom he sat with at Dodger games, would pick teams of Dodgerfilms fans and have a showdown in a Slow-Pitch Softball game.